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EKW Crate Washer

This industrial crate washing machine is made of solid plates and profiles of stainless steel, with adjustable feet. Access the wash tunnel through very practical upward-folding doors, which will instantly stop operation should they be opened while in use. Crate are transported through the washer by synthetic chains, with spraying arcs provided by many synthetic click nozzles. EKW-2500 Crate Washer Theses EKW crate washers are designed for crates up to the size of 23.6 x 15.8 x 11.8 inches (LxWxH).

Crates are cleaned in the main wash zone by click nozzles supplied with water by a powerful and energy-efficient pump, and by the main tank, which is filled by its own water connection, equipped with sensors to detect levels.

After going through the main wash zone, the crates are rinsed with fresh water to remove any residual detergent. The rinse is controlled by a sensor and the water supply will remain closed if no crates are sensed.

EKW Crate Washer Features

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy adjustable click-nozzles
  • Stainless steel
  • Optional one man operation

EKW Crate Washer Options

  • Available Max. Capacities: 170, 400, 560, 800, 960, 1120 (crates per hour)
  • Prewash, main and after rinse zones

EKW + Blow off unit EAB Crate Washer

In addition to the standard EKW specifications mentioned above, a blow off unit is added to the crate washing machine.

The load carriers get blown off by stainless steel fans. The intelligent design heats the air (through recirculation) up to approximately 122°F/50°C, which results in the highest blowing capacity.EKW-3500-EAB2 Crate Washer

EKW + Blow off unit EAB Crate Washer Options

  • Available Max. Capacities: 400, 560, 800, 960, 1120 (crates per hour)
  • Prewash, main, after rinse, and blow off unit zones