Industrial Double Sink Wash Basins

Double Wash Basins

Double Wash Basins

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Product Description

EWG-2-D to EWG-6-D Double Wash Basins

Double hand wash basins are great for handling a large numbers of people, cutting down on unnecessary waiting times. Our industrial wash basins are ergonomically designed, with sensor operation ensuring the maximum level of hygiene is achieved. Made of stainless steel, unpleasant smells are also prevented by a siphon mounted in the drain.
Wash basin legionella prevention Our sensor-operated industrial hand wash basins are equipped with a legionella prevention system with automatic flushing at set times. The flushing can be scheduled to start between 24 and 78 hours after the last use (adjustable).

Double Wash Basins Benefits

haccp certified hygiene equipment and hygiene station
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Legionella prevention
  • Siphon
  • Water does not reside in corners

Double Wash Basins Versions

 EWG-2S-D to EWG- 6S-D  EWG-2K-D to EWG- 6K-D
Legionella prevention Sensor operated Including seal Knee operated