Industrial Sole Disinfection Machine

DZD Sole Disinfection Machine

DZD Sole Disinfection Machine

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Product Description

DZD Sole Disinfection Machine

This sole disinfection machine utilizes a disinfection bath to maximize hygiene. Sensors automatically keep the disinfectant topped-off and prevent waste, while splash guards ensure the area around the unit remains clean.

Sole Disinfection Machine Features

  • Automatic refreshing of disinfection bath
  • Drip-off zone
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Disinfectant level indicator
Sole Disinfection Machine Versions:
 DZD-1000-R/L*  DZD-1500-R/L*
Disinfection bath 39.4 inches Article number (R): 83203100 Article number (L): 83203120 Disinfection bath 59 inches Article number (R): 83203140 Article number (L): 83203160
* Right or left version