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The following information is given in confidence to Premier Handling Solutions, Inc., to secure the granting of credit to purchase materials and/or services from Premier Handling Solutions, Inc. Approval is given to Premier Handling Solutions, Inc. to verify all information given of applicant. Download a PDF to mail/fax/email us HERE, or fill out the form below:
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  • Bank Account



  1. The undersigned certifies that the information provided here is correct, that it is submitted for the purpose of obtaining credit, and agrees to all of the following terms and conditions of sale of Premier Handling Solutions, Inc.
  2. PAYMENT TERMS: Net 30 days from the ship date. Any other payment terms must be agreed upon by the Controller. Accounts over 30 days old are initially phoned. Any account over 45 days past due will be placed on credit hold. No statement of account will be mailed.
  3. Should it become necessary to place this account for collection, suit or other legal proceeding, the business on this application agrees to pay all costs and expenses of collection, suit or other legal action, including a reasonable attorney's fee and, if
  4. The business on the application hereby waives any and all privileges and rights which they may have under ___________ State statutes, relating to venue, as it now exists or may hereafter be amended and further agrees that any legal action brought for collection of past due accounts may be brought in the appropriate court in Kane County, Elgin, IL.
  5. No returns will be accepted without a return authorization number.
  6. The customer warrants that any extension of credit or business dealing is based strictly upon presentations, as set forth herein, in the Credit Application and the reliance upon same by company to extend such credit.


REMITTANCE-PURCHASE ORDER-MAILING-SHIP TO ADDRESS: 1500 Scottsdale Court, Suite 100 ELGIN, IL 60123 PHONE: (800) 404-2311 FAX: (847) 278-2310 FEDERAL I.D. NUMBER: 45-2742441  


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