dzw hdt industrial hygiene station sole cleaning and hand disinfection

DZW-HDT Hygiene Station (Sole Cleaning & Hand Disinfection)

DZW-HDT Hygiene Station (Sole Cleaning & Hand Disinfection)

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Product Description

The DZW-HDT Hygiene Station completes two vital tasks at the same time: cleaning soles and disinfecting hands.

Initiated by sensors, the rotating humidified brushes will start automatically while the hands are disinfected by spray nozzles in the cylinders. Once hands are disinfected, the turnstile will release.

DZW-HDT Hygiene Station Features

  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic design
  • 4-year warranty on brushes
  • Adjustable two-sided dosing
  • Level indicator
  • Fitted with a drain

DZW-HDT Hygiene Station Options

  • Brush Length: 39.4″ or 59″
  • Available in left or right versions

DZW-HDT Hygiene Station Part Numbers

  • 83202080 — Right side entrance
  • 83202100 — Left side entrance
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