industrial storage and clothing lockers

Storage & Clothing Lockers

Storage & Clothing Lockers

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Product Description

These lockers are made from stainless steel and are ideal for keeping changing rooms or work areas neat and tidy. The cabinets have adjustable feet and a slanting top. This is easier to clean and prevents objects from being placed on top of the locker.

Locker Features

  • Stainless steel
  • Adjustable feet
  • Executed with padlock or key lock
  • Ventilation slots

Locker Options

  • The cabinets are available with a flat top and in widths of 350, 610, 910 or 1200 mm

Locker Part Numbers

  • 78001351 — Clothing*
  • 78200004 — Single*
  • 78200008 — Double*
  • 78200014 — Multi-Compartment*

*Variety of sizes available, please call for a quote

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