How Dirty are Your Feet?

how dirty are feet

Something to think about:

When you wear flip-flops during the blazing summer weather to keep cool, do you have any idea what kind of repulsive, unthinkable things you’re exposing your feet to? Human and animal waste, vomit, saliva, chemicals, food waste, and an infinite amount of objects that have been roasting in the sun for God knows how long. The average person takes about 10,000 steps each day, opening a lot of doors to attract bacteria.

Time to make things 10x grosser:

What could possibly make things more revolting than walking around in foul dog feces and fertilizer? Walking around in dog feces and fertilizer with cuts, blisters, or any type of wound on your foot. Wearing flip-flops to avoid that horrible farmer’s tan in the summer can put you at serious risk for catching some of the nastiest viruses and bacterial infections out there. But don’t be fooled: bacteria love warm, damp places, such as the inside of a tennis shoe! What we’re saying is, if the shoe fits, wear it- just keep it clean. Almost 100% of all infectious diseases are spread by contact, whether it is direct or indirect. This is why everyone goes into obsessive compulsive handwashing-mode when a bad case of the flu goes around.

are feet dirty

Keeping your Feet as Sanitary as Possible

After hearing all of that, keeping your feet clean should be a number one priority to say the least. Like handwashing, good old-fashioned antibacterial soap and warm water will do the trick. Plus, an occasional pumice stone or exfoliation treatment is an even better touch! Most shoes can be washed in a washing machine, too. Just cold water and detergent will kill any bacterial on your shoes.

Another crucial aspect to foot cleanliness is avoiding shoes in the house. Bacteria lives for longer than you probably think. Weeks even. Tracking bacteria through your carpet and flooring is probably the last thing you want…Needless to say, don’t be one of those people who wears your shoes in bed or puts your feet up on the coffee table after a long day at work.

Keeping these tactics routine will help prevent disease and infections, but will also minimize foot order. Every single human being will always have some sort of foot odor in their life due to the 250,000 sweat glands in our feet. There is no need to disrupt yourself and the others around you with itchy, dirty, smelly feet.

Sanitary Feet in the Warehouse Industry

Clean shoes and feet are just as important in a warehouse as they are in a hospital. Transportation of food, drinks, and pharmaceuticals begins in a warehouse; therefore, contaminating such vital items with disease and potentially spreading it to all areas of the world can pose some severe problems.

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Using this type of equipment ensures reduced risk of infection and maximum hygiene levels, saving you time, money, and good health!